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Moto Ride Routes - East Ayrshire Loop


A nice easy one for you this week on Moto Ride Routes! Today's route is a loop from Strathaven down to Cumnock, taking in some of East Ayrshire's finest towns and landscapes.

We're leaving from the Sainsbury's in Strathaven, so there's an opportunity to grab some snacks and fill up your steed before setting off on today's run. We'll be passing locations such as Drumclog, Loudon Hill and Darvel - each of which containing a little more historical significance than you may realise.

As always, this route is 125cc friendly; containing no motorway directions and keeping strenuous climbs to a minimum.

Keep reading to find out more about the stops along the route, or see the route for yourself by using our Google Maps file, which you can find here.

As we depart from Strathaven, we quickly make it onto the A71. The route offers open skies and plenty of safe opportunities for clean overtakes; remembering to be mindful of the road surfaces at the entrances to fields and farms.

East Ayrshire was host to many battles and historic events during the covenanting period - with many artefacts and memorials still surviving to this day. As you head through Caldermill, keep an eye out to your right for the Trumpter's Well - the alleged burial site of a young man who was killed during the Battle of Drumclog in 1679. The well was infilled in 1858, where the site was surrounded by a 9' rubble wall and was given it's distinct conical shaped roof.

When you've passed through Caldermill, continue South along the A71 through Drumclog towards Allanton.

Trumpeter's Well

Loudon Hill

As you approach Allanton, you'll quickly notice the oddly-shaped hill protruding from the otherwise rolling landscape. This is nothing other than Loudon Hill - the storied battle site between King Robert the Bruce and the Earl of Pembroke that took place in 1307. But why is the mound that shape? Loudon Hill is actually a pre-historic volcanic plug, the result of magma hardening within the vent of an active volcano.

Geography lessons aside, we continue onwards along the A71 towards Darvel and Galston.

When we reach Galston, we're taking the first exit at the roundabout across the River Irvine; joining the rural B7037 to enjoy some twists and turns amongst the hedgerows heading towards the small village of Sorn.

As you leave Sorn, continue riding South along the B705 until you reach Auchinleck, taking a left onto the B7083 drawing into Cumnock.

DaVinci's café at Knockroon is a popular stop if you're passing through Cumnock - we highly recommend heading in for a hot drink and a roll to keep your energy levels up for the ride ahead, with plenty of parking and indoor seating available.

When you've finished up with your drink, continue along the B7083 over the bridge into Cumnock itself, turning immediate left and joining the A70 on Barhill Road. The road is wide open from here, passing through a variety of small villages such as Carbellow, Boghead and Nether Wellwood, on the way to Muirkirk and Glenbuck.

DaVinci's Cafe, Knockroon

Bill Shankly Memorial, Glenbuck

If you're fond of your football history, this next stop is for you, as we're going to be visiting the memorial to the great William "Bill" Shankly, legendary Liverpool Manager from 1959 to 1974. Shankly was born in Glenbuck, and spent a portion of his youth working as a coal miner there. A memorial to Bill can be found in the Glenbuck Heritage Village.

When you reach the head of Glenbuck Loch, look out the sign directing you towards the village, and a junction to your left on an uphill incline. Follow the road to the top, and have a look around for Shankly's memorial. More often than not, the memorial is surrounded by Liverpool F.C. flags and memorabilia (more so than in the photo opposite), left to pay respect to the legendary manager's storied career.

When you're finished up at the Heritage Village, head back out the way you came - taking a right at the bottom of the hill back towards Muirkirk.

When you enter Muirkirk this time, turn right at the T-junction in the town centre onto B743, taking you all the back to Strathaven through Dungavel and West Cauldcoats. The B743 has a variety of twists, turns and straights to keep things lively on the return ride - all against a rural setting.

We hope you've enjoyed this ride route! As always, let us know what you think of the route, and where you think we should cover next.

If you take a couple of hours out of your weekend to tackle this route, send a photo from your travels to West Coast Moto's Facebook page, and we'll be sure to feature it in our feed!

You can access the Google Map file for the route here.