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Moto Ride Routes - The Three Lochs

This week's Ride Route takes us on a themed tour of the hills North of Moffat - looping up to Cappercleuch before heading West through Tweedsmuir and subsequently South, past Annan Water.

This route passes by St Mary's Loch, the Megget Reservoir and the Talla Reservoir - offering some stunning views and an excellent escape into the country. 

On the way, we will pass landmarks such as the Grey Mare's Tail, the Devil's Beeftub and the Talla waterfall - not to mention one of the last surviving AA telephone boxes in the UK just outside Cappercleuch. 

Read on to find out more about the route, or click here to discover the ride for yourself on Google Maps.

Our route begins in the village of Moffat, heading South-East and joining the A708 towards Craigieburn. The A708 offers monumental views as you wind Northwards, with an incredible line of sight through the snaking glens all the way to St. Mary's Loch (weather permitting).

As you continue along the A708, keep a watchful eye out for the carpark at the Grey Mare's Tail Nature Reserve. A short walk up the hill yields sight of an impressive waterfall - so be sure to wear some comfortable riding boots.

Be aware that the Grey Mare's Tail is a National Trust Site, and requires a small fee to walk across the bridge and get glimpse of the waterfall. Do your research, and decide if stopping to see this natural beauty is perhaps something for another day.

Leaving the Grey Mare's Tail, continue along the A708 until you reach Loch of the Lowes - keeping an eye out for the Sailing Club at the foot of St. Mary's Loch as a landmark until you reach the Glen Café on your left.

We highly recommend a stop at the Glen Café if it is open - as it offers hot drinks, toilet facilities and an excellent selection of sweet treats to keep you firing on all cylinders throughout the rest of the ride. 

On a good day, do not be surprised if the car-park if full of like-minded individuals taking a breather and having a cup of tea on the grass alongside their machines.

On a sunny day, riding alongside the sparkling waters of St. Mary's Loch would lead you to believe you were much further North - so enjoy the views and make the most of the sweeping country road.

As the road heads further inland halfway up St. Mary's Loch, look out for the junction to your left with a rather unusual looking telephone box. We're heading along this road to reach our destination, so feel free to inspect this anomaly. 

In truth, this is one of the last remaining AA telephone boxes in the UK, and is classed as a listed building. Box 723 can be easy to miss if you aren't aware of it's existence, so keep your eyes peeled just after you turn off of the A708.

Following the winding single track, you will reach Megget Reservoir. There are various places to stop along the road - however, be on high alert for wandering sheep who may cross your path unexpectedly.

Wide skies and rolling hills will continue to grasp your attention as you make your way along the road to Talla.

Incredible views await as you reach Talla Reservoir, so take a minute to stop and take in the panoramic scenery from the top of the pass, before heading down towards the waterfront. 

Albeit narrower than St. Mary's Loch, Talla Reservoir is almost equal in length - with an impressive stretch of road running parallel to the water providing unrivalled views and a sense of adventure to your ride. 

There is a small carpark at the end of the Reservoir which offers a small historical insight into Loch Talla's past - a showcase of the Victorian engineering that made the reservoir possible.

Leaving Talla, follow the road towards the A701. Upon crossing the River Tweed, turn left at the t-junction following signs for Moffat. If you have been following our previous Ride Routes, you will be familiar with the A701.

The A701 snakes south past the Devil's Beeftub, which is worth a trip in itself, offering expansive views of the surrounding areas. You can find our Devil's Beeftub route here.

Follow the road South down past Annan Valley, and back into Moffat for a coffee and a bite to eat before heading home.

Download the full route on Google Maps here.