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Safe Storage over Winter

Planning on parking your bike up for winter? As bad as the roads can be, your bike is also at risk if kept stationary for too long with insufficient preparation. We've put together some helpful tips to keep your bike in peak condition over winter.

Prep - It is vital to thoroughly wash your motorcycle before putting it into hibernation, especially in the UK, as salt and grit from the roads will rapidly corrode the underside of your bike. When drying your bike, use an absorbent cloth or chamois to ensure it is completely dry before storage. Ever considered a bike dryer to save you some time? We stock high quality and cost-effective Bruhl md1400 dryers, so you can dry your bike off without risking any scratches!

Tyres - This may not be an obvious factor to new riders, however tyres have a tendency to develop flat spots when the full weight of a bike is resting on them over a long period of time. Lift your bike using paddock stands, or regularly turn the wheels of your motorcycle to prevent flat spots from occurring.

Battery - Batteries and cold temperatures have a notoriously bad relationship - so it is vital to assist your battery where possible to prevent it from running completely flat. For best results, we recommend using a trickle charger to keep your battery topped up and healthy. We stock intelligent battery tenders from the UK's market leading manufacturer, OptiMate, which are perfect for both everyday use and long-term storage.

Ignition - Starting your bike up every few weeks is highly recommended, to clear any condensation that may have found its way into your exhaust system. Left unchecked, this may cause your exhaust to rust from the inside out. When starting your bike, make sure to get it up to temperature in a well-ventilated environment, and then allow sufficient cool-down time before putting any covers back on.

Fuel - A point of contention for many - how much fuel should you leave in a hibernating bike? We recommend a full tank, on the condition that the bike is started up every few weeks to keep fuel flowing through the injectors to ensure they do not become clogged with gunk. A full tank will prevent rust, and is much less hassle than draining the tank completely!

We Can Help: West Coast provides a variety of products and services to help ensure your winter is hassle-free! Interested in a winter check-up or an OptiMate tender? Contact our team for more details and a quote!