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Prepared for Winter?

Love it or loathe it, Winter is upon us once again. As motorcyclists, this time of year brings its own set of challenges. We've put together a helpful winter checklist of items to consider - whether you are braving the cold or are parking up for the year, proper bike maintenance is key.

Check your Tyres: Regular usage over the summer months has likely taken it's toll on your tread - We recommend at least 2mm of tread to ensure effective water dispersal and optimal grip. Tyre pressure is another commonly overlooked factor. Changes in temperature will cause a fluctuation in air pressure, so make sure you check your tyres regularly!

Storage: If you are storing your motorcycle outside, it is advisable to invest in a heavy-duty cover. Not only will this keep your bike safe from debris and adverse weather, it is also an effective theft deterrent. If your bike is garaged over winter, we recommend a battery tender to ensure your battery is in peak health. At West Coast, we stock intelligent battery tenders from the UK's market leading manufacturer, OptiMate.

Cleaning: British roads are notoriously laden with salt during the winter, and so proper cleaning should be a top priority. Combine salt with wet weather riding, and corrosion is almost inevitable. Protective coatings such as FS365 will help protect your motorcycle from corrosion when paired with regular cleaning. Why not visit us and have your bike coated?

We Can Help: West Coast provides a variety of products and services to ensure your winter is hassle-free! Contact our team for more details and a quote!