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Get Ready to Ride!

It’s safe to say spring is arriving day by day and that last burst of sunshine has got you riders throwing off the covers and spending time with your Harley. How do we know this? Well more than a few of you got in touch in the last week so we thought we’d help you get underway with our Spring top tips.

  • Check the battery – The cold weather can take a toll on your battery, especially if you don’t have a garage or warmer place to keep your bike. To help the battery in these times or if you’re an infrequent rider, get a battery tender. This will maintain the battery and could help start it if it’s gone completely flat. Our top suggestions for Tenders are right here:

Harley-Davidson 800mA Waterproof Dual Mode Battery Tender

OptiMate 3 Battery Tender TM432

  • Change your fob batteries – Did you know your fobs are constantly searching for your bike? That means they’re always active, even that spare you’ve put in the drawer in case your main one runs out! So go ahead and swap out for some fresh fob batteries, and keep an unused battery as a spare in your wallet or saddlebags. Get in touch with our parts department and arrange to collect or we can send them out to you
  • Check your tyres – During the summer months, you’ll be used to looking over your bike every time you go to ride, but if you’ve parked your bike up after that last ride of the season – your tyres may have picked up an object or puncture without you noticing. So check for tread, condition, wear as well as pressure
  • Test those brakes – Even if you’ve ridden through the winter, it’s a good idea to check in on your brakes. Riding in salt and dirt can build up environmental debris around the pads and cause some binding. Similarly, if your bike hasn’t turned a wheel all winter, check the brakes for any binding sounds or lack of performance at slow speed first
  • Check your levels and lights and you may be good to go. Our last tip, if top up with fresh fuel before you set off

You can also find a comprehensive pre-ride checklist in your Owners Manual, in the 'Before Riding' section.

We thought we’d let you know we’ve restarted our Covid-Safe Priority Booking Service. You’ll enjoy a dedicated service booking, with safe drop off and allotted time for collection.

Want the pro’s to take a look first or you just don’t have time – we’ll collect, service and deliver your bike back so you’re good to go.

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